My experiences with #OWS, on top of all the others, along my sober and otherwise reflections upon them have lead me to a recent inner realization that I am in no way corrupt in any moral sense. I am pure the way anger or fire is pure, with or without my ego’s engagement, neither but both good and evil, neither but both useful as well as destructive, powerful, furthermore, yet subject to inevitable burnout. I’ve come to learn that I myself must respect my own nature if I am not to burn or suffocate to death. Others have been and are capable of respecting this about me and they are able to work with me, others are not and they always inevitably find themselves scorched, charred and gasping for air as their expectations of me go up in flames, oftentimes in spite of my best intentions. I always find myself burnt out yet filled with guilt which only fuels more rage. And yet I now find, upon having come to understand this about my nature and indeed something about human nature more generally, that I know feel as if guilt itself is finally beginning to burn away.


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