Fuck Occupy Wall Street, Long Live Occupy!



I formally denounce everything that Occupy Wall Street has degenerated into. I threw away a career, racked up more un-payable debt from an unfinished dissertation on the sociology of deviant behavior that I haven’t been working hard enough on, lost some blood and accumulated more un-payable medical debt in the process. I worked as hard as I possibly could to help make #OWS a “success” but not even I can take #OWS seriously anymore. The only successful thing that #OWS can still boast of is having launched a global movement that has thankfully become much bigger than #OWS itself. #OWS is not the same thing as “Occupy.” “Occupy” refers to a global movement. #OWS refers to a network of Occupy activists specifically in NYC some of which have unchecked egos that have grown even more inflated than Occupy itself.

It’s been over two years and no one’s life has improved despite the sentimental lies that self-delusional, self-righteous, “saint”-like, organizers who still masturbate each others egos for having “changed the conversation” still tell themselves. The .01% stranglehold on the world’s resources only seems to expand. The true organizers that made #OWS what it is will welcome a candid critique of what #OWS has unfortunately become, as many have already been marginalized out of #OWS already. Far too few of the organizers still active within #OWS actually want progress or even a better life let alone revolution for you let alone themselves.

The police, for example would all loose their jobs if they ever actually managed to eradicate crime which is why they never will. Similarly, the Saints of #OWS are no different than the police in the sense that they would no longer have any empty symbolic victories to congratulate themselves for should they ever actually manage to create a society without classes, status divides or borders – which is why they never will. A true revolution would require them to abandon their petty self-indulgent prejudices and desires for revenge which is what they’re really after.

Progress, true transformations in social relationships always come at the expense of Justice. Those who are last shall never come first should we ever successfully create the fictional, classless, borderless, egalitarian, utopian society that only a small minority of us ever actually attempted to embody. The most vile of the political economic elites and the most sadistic members of the police forces that have exploited and oppressed us all shall have to be forgiven should we ever actually decide to rise up and break this stupid fucking society’s shameful cycle of mutually assured exploitation and oppression. Punishing our enemies as they justly deserve to be punished would only legitimate the indignities they have heaped upon us by furnishing the mostly apathetic masses with evidence that confirms their suspicions that the Saints of #OWS are actually every bit as egotistically corrupt as our enemies are. This is why Jesus Christ the activist, as opposed to the son of a god which many of us choose not to believe in, preached forgiveness and told us to turn the other cheek. It wasn’t ethical, moral, or even self-righteous, as much as it was just the most pragmatic and effective revolutionary strategy he could pursue. Far too many of the seemingly benevolent organizers who stepped up to take control of critical functions in the movement such as organizing direct actions, mass assemblies and press-releases are far too spiritually immature to ever successfully employ the one revolutionary tactic that always seems to work. None of them are as of yet capable of creating any sort of peace within themselves let alone the broader system of social relationships that they naively consider themselves far too revolutionarily “enlightened” to actually bother to observe, study and understand.

Fair-weather revolutionaries who write shit and don’t bother to ask questions later about The Occupy Money Cooperative like Suzahn Ebrahimian who, in spite of decisions to jump ship and no longer identify with #OWS or Occupy, would rather choose a bloody, degrading slave revolt for us all as opposed to the ideal society they falsely profess to work towards creating. This is because they have been so tragically exploited and marginalized by the system that they are psychologically incapable of living any sort of peaceful life with anyone that they have come to perceive as an “oppressor.” They can have a savage slave revolt for all I care since it would make anyone and anything that they denounce seem that much more rationally appealing. All of the worst of them are utterly incapable of creating anything that could actually change the balance of power in this stupid fucking society. They’re not well-suited towards the pursuit of some form of beauty, art, higher truth or any other self-defined goal that would enable them to experience a sufficiently healthy feeling of self-esteem for themselves without needing to immaturely disparage anything that their shallow prejudices are unable to understand. None of them have anything worth while to offer society accept for the reverse bigotry they disguise in the form of “anti-oppression training,” just like none of them have any morally acceptable excuse for the intellectual decadence and self-righteousness which prevents them from recognizing how cooperatives have united many workers of the U.S. while driving a new economy in the midst of the economic recession for the 99%.whom the Saints of #OWS would have you believe that they still represent.

You can point out that cooperatives have contributed millions of dollars towards the welfare of millions of coop members in the U.S. as opposed to a minority of shareholders. You can even tell them that there are millions more people from the U.S. that belong to cooperatives than there are holding stock in the market. They stubbornly won’t listen to reason however, and they’ll still tell you that cooperatives are ‘capitalistic.’ They’ll also tell you that the Occupy Money Cooperative is a bunch of privileged white men, in spite of fruitful outreach efforts, who will sooner or later grow corrupt because they themselves – the Saints of #OWS are already thoroughly morally corrupt even though they prefer to castrate themselves into powerlessness while ironically demanding that everyone else does the same. They naively think that there’s some sort of way to live outside of systems of capitalistic exploitation and that there’s nothing revolutionary about seizing and occupying the means of capitalist production even though this is precisely what Karl Marx urged us all to do long ago. They’ve domineered the movement but none of the Saints of #OWS are capable of truly dominating it.

They’ll tell you that the Occupy Money Cooperative wants to co-opt the movement for Visa or who knows who else, as if Visa or any other corporation needed to raise $900K to do so. As if anyone who isn’t thoroughly insane would want to co-opt a movement that virtually no one continues to pay any attention to. They are deliberately unable to take a long hard look in the mirror at themselves. The Saints of Occupy Wall Street are so egotistical that they are unable to accept responsibility for their parts in organizing this movement into utter irrelevance. They’d rather stick to the same tactics they keep using over and over again as if something different might happen, as if you’re every bit as insane as they are, and as if there’s some form of integrity in this. They’ll publicly tell you on Facebook that you’re “selling out” or that you should actually be shot should you attempt to actually accomplish anything that their petty, spiteful, ill-informed prejudices are incapable of understanding and accepting.

They will put racial slurs that you never spoke hitherto into your mouth like foreign objects. They will actually attempt to physically attack you (as if any of the Saints of #OWS actually knew how to fight) and then they’ll tell you that it’s your fault afterwards in spite of their hypocritical commitments to non-violence. They’d simply rather create safe space for people whom they shallowly perceive to be as oppressed as they are in order to oppress those whom they choose to ignorantly perceive as oppressors. They’ll marginalize you with even more prejudice than they themselves have been marginalized. You were right not to trust them. But I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.

I’m formally done stepping back and down in order to let well-meaning yet hopelessly oppressed, deliberately naïve, immature people with no actual understanding of their enemy or an actual plan, or even the desire for meaningful social change to continue to successfully co-opt this revolution from within, from the silent majority that has been deliberately marginalized from it. None of the “Saints of #OWS” have anything what-so-ever to actually say and far too few of them actually have the conviction to embody the change they claim to want to see.

The true 1% don’t have to live or hang out anywhere near Wall Street. Most of the selfish, utterly self-absorbed, Saints of #OWS don’t know who their enemy actually is. Shutting down the stock exchange by occupying it wouldn’t even put a dent in the machinations or the wealth of the .01%. It just would’ve given them the excuse they’d like to use more severe force against us. The tactics used by the Saints of #OWS are utterly predictable, archaic, and not at all novel let alone “revolutionary.” Don’t expect anything new from anyone still occupying #OWS. I’d tell you not to believe anything they tell you but you obviously figured it out before I managed to.

They also like to tell people behind The Occupy Money Cooperative not to use the word “Occupy” in our “brand” as well exactly like capitalists concerned about royalties would, as if the Saints of #OWS somehow represent the true spirit of the movement. Rage against the machine said it best because ‘fuck you I won’t do what any of you tell me’ for the following list of reasons…

1)      #OWS hasn’t actually occupied jack shit in well over a year and a half. If anyone should logically stop using the word Occupy in their “brand” it’s them given that they are not walking the walk that they still like to talk about and pat themselves on their backs for.

2)      Because Occupy is in fact not a brand at all as opposed to a strategy of appropriation which most of the Saints of Occupy have failed to fully operationalize and follow through on. They are the ones who continue to use “Occupy” as a misleading, inauthentic, and disingenuous way the way “brands” are used. They are too ignorant to understand this in part because they have never bothered to learn anything about actual branding processes and are therefore ironically incapable of distinguishing between a brand and a social movement.

Sun Tzu wrote that an occupation is the worst possible way to fight as it requires a total, exhausting and expensive occupation of all of the enemy’s capital. But the Saints of #OWS expected us to respect their “brilliance” for their easily foreseeable tactical failures. Occupying the streets is all for naught should we fail to occupy the enemy’s money which seems to be the only thing the enemy clearly cares about. The Occupy Money Cooperative has been strategically and precisely set up in order to accomplish this.

3)      Because getting burned by #OWS has actually become an analytically proven, viable means of gaining credibility with the oppressed masses that #OWS has gone out of its way to spitefully alienate. This movement has become no qualitatively better than the very worst and most irrationally angry elements of the Tea Party. The only important difference between the Saints of #OWS and Tea Party fanatics is the demographics of the people they choose to hate. North America has refreshingly grown every bit as bored and impatient with #OWS racism as they have with the Tea Party racism. . 

4)      In order to honor my family and biological ancestors who taught me what revolution actually is and who were always the “first in and last out” of every major revolutionary struggle they could find. I will use every ounce of wisdom, cunning and indigenous chicanery that they have bequeathed to me in order to “pervert” this movement into something with some measure of integrity in spite of their persistent racist denials of my identity.

So fuck what has become known as Occupy Wall Street. It accomplished more than I expected it would but that’s not saying much given that I never expected it to work out well at all. I first thought of it as practice and as foreplay for an actual revolution and it turned out I was right, even if I may have lost my way for well over two years in the shallow ‘Vanity of #OWS.’

I have not yet even begun to fight.

The Saints of #OWS need to get out of the way of the actual Revolution. Long live the Revolution and may a true occupation actually expand once again in spite of those that have truly co-opted #OWS for themselves.


7 thoughts on “Fuck Occupy Wall Street, Long Live Occupy!

  1. So hey – hi. let me say out front, I don’t know you so I don’t want to speak as if I do and I don’t want to veer into any territory where I am dissecting your motives. I don’t know your experience – the entirety of what brings you to this particular point posting this particular posting.

    I would like to say that as an Occupier since 10/1/11 – all the marching, all the being swung at and fired upon by police, all the travelling to other cities to give support, etc. I find it HUGELY offensive that there is an ATM card out there with the word Occupy on it accompanied by a fucking VISA logo!

    It’s like really???? Are you fucking kidding me??? And I have actually been wanting to tell someone who was involved in that process that it was completely out of bounds for a group of Occupiers to take that kind of unilateral decision for all us.

    I came to Occupy as a disenchanted Democrat seeking reform. I stopped and listened. And watch and just gave a hand where needed and was filled with a much larger vision of what is not only needed, but what is actually possible.

    Plus, considering the wealth of ideas about money and banking in particular the Money Collective seems really uninspired or creative.

    Why not public banking as Ellen Brown has suggested. This idea seems like an actual game changer.

  2. I’ve been a part of this movement since 8/2/2011. I’ve marched, traveled, threw away jobs, racked up debt all for the privilege of being beaten by police and yet I personally find the insults, accusations and even the petty threats of violence I’ve had to endure from occupiers for attempting to have a conversation about counter economics, coops and even the topic of subversion in general infinitely more offensive to the spirit of Occupy than The OMC’s blatantly and obviously subversive and strategic “use” of Visa.

    Worker owned cooperatives are part of the new ideas emerging about money in the world. Coops are part of an organic revolutionary trend as more and more workers continue to join them as the economy fails. Public banking is great – the more options the better as far as The OMC is concerned and any other expert I’ve talked to is concerned, so why not educate yourself read up on the links I’ve included about coops in my essay as they actually have already changed the game for millions of people in this country.


    None of us like Visa anymore than you do for the record, nor do we particularly like any of the companies and brands such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter – that you have inadvertently supported along with the rest of us in spite of any potentially noble intentions. But as Tokugawa Ieyasu I believe said “the best way to destroy your enemy is to first become his friend, then you can pick the most fitting means for his demise” – The OMC will develop alternatives to Visa’s products and gladly break from them the moment it becomes feasible (assuming the OMC becomes a reality of course). None of the “evil corporations” will simply go away and disappear on their own. They need to be seized, appropriated, or occupied to use a synonym in order to change or obliterate them. We use the word Occupy in our organization as it is the basis of our radical – Marxist as far as I’m concerned – strategy toward social change – the fact that we all met through Zuccottii is incidental at this point. We’re not calling ourselves the #OWS Cooperative or even the “Occupy Cooperative” no one has made any unilateral decisions for you or the rest of the movement. You’re free to disparage or distance yourself from The OMC just as my conscious has led me to denounce and distance myself from the intolerance, ignorance, hypocrisy, and marginalizing behaviors that have unfortunately become socially acceptable and pervasive throughout #OWS in spite of any and all good work still being done by the remaining few open-minded people within the network of #OWS.

    • Thank you for your reply and I totally agree on being sadden and angry that some “occupiers” have not held to the creed of safer spaces where we can have open and honest dialogue and disagree with each other without resorting to tactics we learned from the system we say we wish to replace.
      I am fighting this fight currently at my own occupy. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I would like to respond more fully – am not in the best of health at the moment but will write again when I’m feeling better.

  3. +1 for acknowledging my concerns Todd. Please understand that I have only resorted to anger and bridge burning as I feel I have been left with little other choice and that I much rather prefer constructive critical discourse. I wish you the best of health and the best of luck in your fight comrade.

  4. PS Todd, Public banks seem to have certain advantages and disadvantages to me. It seems, largely based upon the Costa Rican example, that public banks can provide much advantage for workers should a nation state offer this option to its people. I’m not a huge fan of a state sponsored solution as an ultimate fix as I ultimately would like to see our government and the corporate structure that enables corporations to buy it off replaced with a model that gives workers as much responsible control and as much of a say as possible. My ideological commitments don’t at all prevent me from expressing solidarity with a public banking movement but they do lead me to support a worker owned cooperative not only in spirit but through labor.

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